A Time for Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver, and the other gold. 

Over the years, I've realized that I'll never have the same type of friends that my parents had.  They lived in the same area of Massachusetts for their entire life, and had friends with whom they got together on a weekly basis for over forty years.  On the other hand, during my adult life, I've moved six times and have lived in five different states.  So, who are my friends?

I have lifelong friends that I still see whenever I go back to Massachusetts.  These are friends who knew me during those coming of age years spent at UMass.  We enjoy reminiscing about old times and comparing notes about how things are in our life today.

I have professional friends.  These are friends that have spent a lot of time with me in a business environment.  Maybe we've gone out to lunch together, and shared some personal stories.  We may not visit in each other's homes, or know each other's families, but we consider ourselves friends.

I have social friends.  These are friends that I met through social organizations, community groups, or other friends.  These friends like to party and have fun.  One couple has actually created a party calendar and schedules one activity each month so we can get together and socialize.  This is the group that we join for dinner and dancing or pizza and bowling.  Most of these friends enjoy good food and good wine. 

I have geek friends.  Most of these friends knew Mike first, but now they're my friends, too.  When we get together, the conversation is usually focused on computers, networks, and internet security.  These friends understand the role the computers have in our lives.  On the two occasions when our house was hit by lightning, these friends were invaluable in helping Mike get the network up and running again!  They also keep an eye on things when we are out of town. 

I have church friends.  These are friends with whom I can safely discuss theological and spiritual ideas without worrying about offending someone.  I'm very interested in learning about different religions and spiritual practices, and am glad to have found a group that shares this interest.

There are some overlaps in these groups, plus some miscellaneous friends (like neighbors) that don't clearly fit into one group.  What's interesting is seeing all the groups intermingle at our annual holiday open house!

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