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Michael H. Warfield

Thaumaturgy & Speculums Technology...
(That's magic & mirrors y'all!)

Data-Mage Systems-Sorcerer HTML-Smythe
1220 Kelvington Way
Lilburn, GA 30047-2059

770 985 6132 Home
770 978 7147 Home Fax
404 326 2807 Office

NIC whois handle: ARIN-MHW9

PGP Public Key: 0xDF1DD471
Key Fingerprint = 32 FA A3 12 C8 51 50 18 AA 44 AB AA D0 EF E4 38
I'm a member of the Warren High School Graduating Class of 1970, Warren Michigan. If you are looking for other Warren High School Alumni, we now have a domain and a web site, with links to other related alumni services and sites.

Check it out! You might discover an old friend.

There are three schools of magic.

An optimist believes that we live the in the best of all possible worlds.
A pessimist is sure that this must be so.
For those so interested, my vitae is available on-line.
I also have an image from speaking at the 1997 Atlanta Linux Showcase put on by the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts

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